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The foods we choose feed not only our bodies, but every facet of our being. Yet clean-eating can feel so daunting.

Thankfully, clean-eating doesn't have to be daunting, boring, or anywhere in between. Emily Frisella comes to the rescue with creative, flavorful, fun-to-eat, clean-eating recipes inspired by classic comfort foods. Take the shackles off your tastebuds and allow them to indulge in delicious, flavor-packed recipes for every part of your day; breakfasts, snacks, lunch or dinner sides, lunch or dinner entrees, desserts and hunger banishing smoothies. The recipes in this book are exciting to eat as they are friendly to your waistline (and budget).

The Fresh Farmhouse Kitchen is the real clean-eating cookbook. For real life. And you don't even have to give up the doughnuts!

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