About Me

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I’m 34  years old living in St. Louis with my amazing husband and 3 bulldogs. I spend my days creating healthy & delicious recipes that are all figure, family & budget friendly.

After trying to find recipes that fit our active lifestyles and seeing these bogus recipes that called for a spice that was $16 a bottle and I only needed 1/8 of a teaspoon or exotic ingredients that required a trip to a specialty store I said “Screw this! I’m writing my own cookbooks for real people!” And that was 6 years ago. My first cookbook will be available Fall 2016.

My philosophy: Create healthy and delicious food with simple ingredients that anyone can find.

Besides whipping it up in the kitchen I enjoy being a partner at Savage|frisella clothing line and promoting positivity through apparel,  Co-host of Food In Session podcast – launching June 2016 and I love hanging out with my husband Andy on our farm, gardening, shooting guns, lifting weights and anything that falls under the catagory of domestic dominator

I grew up on a row crop and cattle farm in a small town in Missouri. Very involved in agricultural clubs such a FFA & 4-H and a few years ago became a Certified Master Gardener. My knowlege of plants and flowers led me to open my first business at the age of 20. I purchased a building with about an acre of land and opened shop as a flower shop & luxury gift boutique.

I absolutely loved it. I found great joy in seeing people smile because of the products I could provide them with and enjoyed the visits from customers even when they would just pop in to say hi or bring in their homemade treats. I valued the great friendships I made with my customers. After several years I chose to sell the business & building and move to St. Louis.

That love and joy I feel for making people smile never left me. I attribute that to why I have such a passion for cooking for the people I love. As the saying goes;

“Cooking is love made visible.”

So my hope is that you will create some visible love for the special people in your life by trying out my recipes and spread happiness and smiles everyday. Life is way too short for anything less.