Get Organized in 60 days! Free printable calendars.

Get Organized in 60 days! Free printable calendars.

Just 15-30 mins a day (or less!) you can get your home in tip top shape and know where everything is at in just 60 days.  We are rolling into the busy holiday months that are also cold, damp winter months. Why not take that time and put it to good use?  Getting organized before Spring even hits is a wonderful way to get a jump on the new year and tackle a lot on your to do list and actually enjoy the Spring season ans not spend it indoors organizing and cleaning.

So many folks want to be organized and they are not. It’s not due to laziness, it’s simply they just don’t know where to start.  These calenders I created for you will help you chip away at that to do list and get every nook and cranny looking like a page from a home magazine.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at  I am happy to help you get your house in shape. If you’re anything like me (though I’m self admitted OCD.) Having your home organized and knowing where everything is brings me a sense of peace (weird I know!) but I know where everything is, it looks nice and makes it so that when I walk into my closet or panty I can clearly see everything and not have to dig around to see what I have.  Not to mention staying organized saves money because you don’t buy extras of things that you already have but can’t find. 🙂

I would absolutely LOVE to see any “before” and “after” photos of your organizing adventures so feel free to email them to me!

Click and print out these calenders and start today!

November: 60-days-to-an-organized-home


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