It’s January…get it together!

It’s January…get it together!

January..New year, goals are fresh, celebrations are winding down, family has headed back home…time to sit down and relax and take a look around…then see all the Christmas decor that needs to come down,  returns that need to be made, cleaning up from all christmas glitter and pine needles that have adhered themselves to every fixture in your home! ( I loathe glitter….why?  I mean why? It NEVER goes away!!)  All of this looking around can soon lead to a little anxiousness knowing your to do list is far from over so I wanted to offer you a better way to manage this January mess and get it together.

All you need to do it complete 3 tasks on the list per week and that’s it!  Choose 3 and write them down- plan for them, tackle them!  When February rolls around you’ll be in full swing and really ready to start the new year without a nagging to do list hanging over you.

Some take 5 min..others under and hour and some a weekend.  But here we go!

  1. Take care of ALL holiday returns- Don’t ride around for 2 months with the stuff in your car! Plan a day and handle it!
  2. Start preparing for tax time
  3. Clean out your car
  4. Pack up all Christmas decor and donate or trash old, unused decor that’s taking up space
  5. Clean out your leftovers may have set up camp!
  6. Clean your house..more than the “normal” clean, but not a total “deep clean” a.k.a.- De-Glitter it. haha!
  7. Wash all guest bedding and have it ready for your next houseguest
  8. Purge 10-12 items from your closet and donate them to charity
  9. Organize your filing cabinet, shred old documents, create a file system that works for you best.
  10. Write down 5 monthly goals- NOT your resolutions.  These goals should be front and center of your day. Post them on your bathroom mirror, in your planner, computer wallpaper-anywhere you will see them daily!  Perhaps it’s something like: 1) workout “x” times a week 2) read “x” minutes per day 3) unsubscribe to junk email 4) meal prep every Sunday 5) try 3 new recipes.  These goals should be oriented towards your resolution and help you achieve and hold true to them 1 month at a time.
  11. Do 3 things JUST for you! (Manicure? New yoga class? Massage?)
  12. Organize kitchen and pantry. We all know with guests in our home is so wonderful to have the extra helping hand for cooking and doing dishes, but often it leaves things not exactly where they belong (maybe it’s just my OCD talking 🙂  But take 30-40 mins and go through your cabinets, drawers and pantry and tidy things up.

I feel when we have little tasks like this done we are able to feel more calm and ready to take things on. With all the house tasks and things taken care of (especially for women) it allows us to better apply ourselves to other areas of life without constantly thinking “Wow, I need to take care of that..oh, and straighten that up…”  It’s about setting yourself up to be in a great spot to reach your goals and finally keep those resoluitions.  I feel a huge downfall to goals unmet is not making the goals clear and not planning time to achieve them.  How many times have you wanted to do something new but you “dont’ have time”’s about making time.

Me personally- I have my goals and resolutions in mind for the year.  Have I written them down yet…nope.  So that is a goal for me today.  My goal is to write my goals down!  I am a planner, I like structure and knowing what task is at hand so by writing them down it’s HUGE for me. I will look at my goal sheet everyday and plan my days and week around it.   It’s hard for me to read a new book 1 hour every day when I don’t schedule the time to do it.   I get so caught up in day to day life and business things that before I know it, it’s 11pm and I’m tired and the book is unread.

Take time to goal set, get your physical surroundings ready and that helps get your mind ready and dive into 2017 and that way this time next year you can say “I kept and achieved all my 2017 goals and resolutions” 🙂


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