Monster Muscle Bites

Monster Muscle Bites

Love Monster Cookies? Try this no bake sweet and tasty cookie that will satisfy that craving for cookies without taking you off track from your health goals.   These are perfect 2-3 bite snacks.  Your kids will also love these!  When they are home from school this summer, this is an easy recipe they can create themselves and enjoy a healthy snack.


1-1/4C Old Fashioned Oats

2 scoops 1stPhorm Phormula-1 Vanilla Milkshake

1/2 C Nautral Peanut Butter

1T water (you may add an additional 1-2t if mixture is too crumbly)

1/4C Raw honey

1/4C Mini chocolate chips, I like the Enjoy Life brand.

1/3C Mini M&M candies



In a medium bowl, combine all ingredients.

Line a 9×13″ baking dish with wax paper.

Roll dough into 1″ balls, then press between palms to create the cookie.

Place on waxpaper and repeat.  Cover with plastic wrap and place in the fridge and let chill until ready to enjoy.

**These are great to make in large batches and freeze for a healthy snack, breakfast, or sweet treat.

Makes 3o cookie bites

Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 1 cookie bite
Calories 72
Fat 3.4g
Carbohydrate 7.9g
Protein 3.2g

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18 thoughts on “Monster Muscle Bites

  1. Hey! Awesome update! I just made the monster cookies today and experienced your greatness, but I’m really missin the chocolate chip coconut level 1 cookies. Can you add the recipe back?!

      1. Worked wonderfully with Ice Cream Sandwich and as you said a bit more water. I used a scoop to cheat at sizing! THANK YOU!

        1. Glad it worked for you! A cookie scoop is a perfect idea! My small scoop broke a while back and I haven’t replaced it yet.

  2. These are soooo good!!! I go to the gym at 6 AM and don’t ever make time to make any breakfast before, so I just grab a baggie with a couple of these in it and run out the door! They taste like monster cookies and they are healthy enough to be a little prework out breakfast!

    1. That’s a perfect use for them Lorin! I love things like that is a simple grab and go meal. When I use to train at 5am if I didn’t have a no bake protein bar handy I wouldn’t eat which is terrible!!

  3. These things are ridiculously good! I have made them 3 times in the past 2 weeks. My husband and I are both nurses so they are great grab and go snacks when we are running around on our units. Also I made a batch for camping the other week and they held up great!!! Thank you for what you do and for making great, healthy recipes that have simple ingredients. It’s nice not having to drive to bum you know what Egypt and pay a kidney for an ingredient you use a small amount of. Ain’the nobody got time for that!

    1. Thank you so much Brandi! I’m so happy you guys like them and find them easy to incorporate into your day! They help curb that sweet tooth for me! 😊. Thank you for taking the time to share and for your support! ❤️

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