My Keto Journey- End of week 3

My Keto Journey- End of week 3

I feel like this is a Catholic confessional…”Bless me Father for I have sinned, it’s been 3 weeks since my last baked potato..” But seriously- this carb loving babe feels like my carb friends miss me. haha.

Joking aside, so why did I start a Ketogentic Diet?

A few reasons:

1)Research- with writing cookbooks and creating recipes and with keto being so on trend right now I wanted to see what it was about so I could get creative with food for a keto diet to share with my followers and because I struggled with doing a macro based diet then making keto recipes because on a macro plan I only ate 32g of fat on average a day and on my keto diet I eat 140g of fat a day and sometimes 1 meal may be 40-50g of fat on keto so as you can see-that would be tough to mix the 2 diets together.

2) First hand experience to offer others- I receive a lot of messages with questions about a keto diet for women with many expressing fears that they will rebound once they stop keto and will gain their weight back- which by the way will happen if you just quit cold turkey and go back to normal eating.  The way you transistion out is to very slowly introduce carbs back into your diet just a little each week while your body trains itself to start using carbs again for energy instead of the fats you were eating on keto. So if you want to exit out of keto- you will not gain the weight back if you make a slow transition out over an 8 week period.   I felt by putting myself through a 3 month keto plan I would be better suited to help others and to prove you won’t balloon right up if you work out of the keto lifestyle in a healthful manner.

3) Curiousity- Just wanting to see what the buzz is about. 🙂

So today is Saturday.  Monday will be the beginning of week 4 and also the week of Thanksgiving- My absolute favorite holiday!

My thoughts thus far on keto:

It’s fun cooking a different way with using bacon, butter, whole eggs, ghee, sausage, sour cream, heavy whipping cream, cheese, cream cheese, etc.  It’s a HUGE difference from what I’m use to and it honestly felt like I was doing something wrong at first.  I would think to myself “This cannot be right!” haha.

I’ve made some great swaps by making mashed cauliflour that I add butter, sour cream, chives, garlic, bacon and cheese to and actually Andy and I agree that we like it better than classic mashed potatoes!  I’ll be sharing that recipe soon with you guys.  I also make taco shells out of shredded parmesan cheese, crushed pork rinds for a breading then I bake it or will lightly fry it in avocado oil or ghee on the stove which tastes amazing yet still feels weird since it’s fried.

I do miss my macro diet because with my schedule and lifestyle a flexible macro diet is so easy for me because I can grab a protein bar from a gas station, grab lunch anywhere with a friend, have pizza if I want it.  I could eat anything as long as I tracked it and it fit my macros.  Keto absolutely takes more planning and it’s not as easy on the go.  I plan more each day what I’ll eat and making my homemade fat bombs have been a lifesaver because it’s hard most days to get all my fats in for the day so they make it easy and taste like chocolate treat so it kills my sweet tooth.  It has gotten easier with my keto food each day but the first week and a half I was a little like a deer in the headlights.  Dinners and fat bombs were easy but it was what to eat the rest of the time that was tough.  My current lunch go to is to eat at home and I have eggs and sausage links with an avocado.  It literally takes 5-7 minutes to cook so it’s quick and easy and doesn’t make too much of a mess.   I usually don’t eat until around 1pm each day.  I’m never hungry in the morning so I use it as a fast from about 10pm the night before until around 1pm the next day. You will find that a fast is healthy and gives your digestive system a break and you’ll notice you don’t feel bloated or blah during the day.

It took me 3 days to get into ketosis.  I was happy that the feared “keto flu” skipped me. I feel that my training the first week of keto really helped that.   For the first week I worked out 6 days and did 1 type of exercise for my shoulder, biceps, triceps, back, glutes, hamstrings, quads, abs and calves.  I did 3 sets of each body part and did 20-30 reps per set using a light/moderate weight to help burn off that glycogen then I would finish with a 5 minute HIIT workout.  This sounds like a never ending workout but if you focus you can be done in 40-45 mins.

After 6 days of this I did feel a little tired simply because my body was doing HIIT daily and high reps so I took the 7th day off then woke up feeling great!

I use a blood ketone monitor to test for ketones.  I purchased it from Keto Mojo

I purchased the “founders pack” that was $89.99 which came with everything you need to get started plus the website offers free shipping.   I test my blood with a little prick of my finger.  I test it in the afternoon after lunch then again about an hour before bed.

I still use 1stPhorm Phormula-1 protein powder, Opti-Greens-50 and my regular pill/capsule supplements

I haven’t had any carbs or refeed days.  I do plan to take the Friday after Thanksgiving off since that’s my families thanksgiving.  I will make a “Ketogiving” dinner haha! Thursday for Andy and I.  It’s our tradition that we do our own little Thanksgiving with the dogs on Thanksgiving day.  Our meal will include a brined baked turkey (you can find my brine recipe on my entree section of the website), mashed cauliflour, keto gravy, bacon wrapped asparagus sauteed in butter and some sort of sweet treat for dessert that I’m still working on creating. 🙂  Then Friday evening I will just have a carb meal at my parents house the Sunday we go to Andy’s dads house and I’ll have a carb meal there.  Other than that-all meals that weekend will be keto and I’ll be doing HIIT each day and high rep workouts before eating. Then Monday morning I’ll go right back on keto then I won’t have a carb meal again until Christmas day.  Then the plan is after Christmas, I’ll go back on keto for 2 weeks then I’ll start to transition out and back to a macro diet.

As far as my weight- I lost 2lbs after 1 week in then gained it back once the diet balanced out so I’m still the same weight and I haven’t noticed any aesthetic changes overall so I still look and weigh the same as I did with the macro plan I was on. Which is totally fine as losing weight was not my goal with a ketogentic diet.

So all in all my thoughts on keto for my personally so far would be “meh.” lol. But honestly, I don’t love it and I don’t hate it-it’s just a different way of eating.

If you would like more information on a Ketogentic Diet-please check out the most recent podcast we did for “Food in Session” titled “The Keto Conversation” it’s available on iTunes & Stitcher.  We have the keto kings Andy Frisella and John Gorman in studio for a raw, uncut rundown on keto and the benefits, how to do it, ideas, etc.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:


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