Puppy Meal Prep

Puppy Meal Prep

If you follow me on Snapchat, you know that I meal prep for our 3 bulldogs.  The motivation for starting this was that we would buy the high quality dog food and portion control, cut it back, etc  and our 2 English Bulldogs continued to maintain or gain weight, mostly our girl Charley.  It seems like no matter what I tried, the weight wouldn’t budge.  This lead to her not being able to breathe well, her snoring could easily compete with a freight train and she would become winded very easily.  We didn’t want that for her. She is only 2 and we want her to live a long, happy and active life.

I did some research and the “raw” diet was not an attractive option to me.  There is something about throwing raw chicken and beef with the bones into a bowl and let them chew on it that didn’t sit well with me. These things immediately came to mind:

  1. They have little nubs for teeth, how could they chew a chicken bone enough to swallow it without hurting them or cutting their throat/stomach lining?
  2. The thought of having raw meat (germs) lying around or the pups thinking a chicken leg was a chew toy and carry it over and hop on the couch with a raw chicken leg spreading germs everywhere….no thanks.

No, just a big no for me on the raw diet.

A dogs ancestral diet is mainly protein and fats, basically a ketogenetic diet (no carb) and store bought dog foods are usually around 55% or higher in carbs so that explained why the gain in weight.  It was then a decided to test out a clean eating for the dogs.  I prepare chicken in the oven or crockpot, 73% lean/27% fat ground beef, sweet potatoes, snow peas and fresh parsley since it’s growing like crazy in my herb garden right now–plus, it helps freshen their breath!

I meal prep every 2 weeks for them.  They eat breakfast and dinner and get 1-2 homemade treats inbetween meals.  You would not believe the difference in them!  Charley is down 6.5 pounds which may not sound like a lot but on a little meatball bulldog, it’s a lot.  Here is her 4 month ‘transPAWmation” photo. 🙂   She looks much younger, healthier, she is more active, sleeps better and snoring is minimal!  And our little man Otis is down 3 pounds too! IMG_2996

It’s crazy to see her before photo. We knew she was a little bowling ball but WOW! lol.   I am a firm believer in meal prepping for our dogs.  Even our vet was shocked by the results!  When she went in for her updated shots and they weighed her they were happy she had lost weight as they instructed previously she lose 5-8 pounds.  When they asked how she did it I told them and it was a look of shock.  I’m not sure if it was shock that it was such a successful diet or shock that I make their food. haha.

The effort is miminal compared to the results!  Your dogs deserve the best life you can provide for them.

The amount of protein, veggie, carb you give them will depend upon your size dog.

Our 2 English Bulldogs who are 46 & 55 pounds get per meal:

3oz protein

1/2C veggie

1/3C diced sweet potatoes


Our American Bulldog who is 85 pounds receives per meal:

5oz protein

1/2C veggie

1/2C diced sweet potatoes

As you will see there is no recipe posted below simply because it varies by dog weight. I have posted a video tutorial on the process to help get you started on my YouTube.

Click here visit watch the video or visit my YouTube Channel “FitHome&Health”

Please take a few minutes to watch it to learn where to buy the food for best prices, how to prepare, package and preserve your pups food.

If you have any questions please feel free to email me at: emily@fithomeandhealth.com



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25 thoughts on “Puppy Meal Prep

  1. Emily I’m prepping this for my dogs right now but would this recipe be appropriate for our kitty’s too?

  2. This is great. I have always fed my dogs “Just Food For Dogs” which is exactly what your doing except added is a grain. And vitamins to supplement what the food doesn’t have. I started making their food as well but found out my Goldendoodle has Intestinal Bowel Syndrome which you can control but it’s never cured. However, my question to you is do you add vitamins. My vet was adament that I needed to add vitamins but my dogs could taste mine in their food. My Maltese is back on my food since she has a gained weight and I can only control her diet when she eats “Just Foosd For Dogs”. Check out their website and they give you their recipes so you can cook at home.
    Love seeing your healthy happy dogs.

    1. HI Carrie! Thank you for your comment. 🙂 Yes, we give the dogs vitamins, supplements as well as fish oil in their food. You are right, it’s amazing what “real” food for dogs can do! They are so much more healthy now!

  3. Hi Great post!! What vitamins do you give them and ammount? i have a 85lb girl dobby and a 55lb bulldog which i just started there meals this week.

    Thanks again!!!!!


    1. Hi Steven!
      I buy them from Dinovite website. We get the Dinovite for medium dogs and the fish oil bottle (it’s usually free with the purchase of the dinovite) That’s so aweseom to hear you are making their food! It has made a world of difference in our puppy pack. 🙂

        1. Dinovite is the supplement name. I serve them half a scoop (the scoop comes with the box) per meal. It has nutrients, minerals, vitamins, fatty acids, zinc and digestive enzymes in it. The fish oil is the dinovite fish oil and I give them 1 Tablespoon with each meal.

    1. I did a lot of Google seearching. haha. I read several articles in regards to the dogs natural diet and made my measurments from that. 🙂

  4. Hmm Im interested in starting this with my pups but there sizes vary by a lot. I hav a 3lb chihuahua who is 14, a 6lb maltese who is 7, a 60lb pitt bull who is 5, and a 80lb great dane puppy who is 7mo. Is there a website i can read up on nutritional requirements for size and breed that you know of?

    1. I searched 15-17 sites to find a good, overall measurement for my dogs. You can start with just Google searches (that’s what I did) and the deeper I dug, the more I found out. 🙂

  5. Hi I’ve been feeding my bulldog and Doberman for a month now on the diet. They love it!!! Has anyone noticed they poop allot less on this diet? Usually 3 times a day on store food but now Just once a day. Keep up the good work Emily!!!!

    1. Thank you! And yes. Our pups only poo once a day as well. It use to be so much more when they are the traditional dog food.

  6. The before && after is incredible!!!! I’m definitely going to try this out on my White Labs,, especially my younger one. She’s a mini pony!! Absolutely love this and what youu do!!! Youu’re such an inspiration!!!!

  7. Please forgive me if it is right in front of my face but would you have the shopping list? Also I have a smaller dog, Where did you find the correct portions for each dog? I would like to start doing this for all my dogs?

  8. Getting ready to start clean eating for my pups. Just have one question please. On the seeet potato’s do you leave the skin on or remove the skin?

    Thank you!

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